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DCS-MISR provides all Audio and visual intercom systems with the brands FARFISA - URMET (Italy), S.S (Turkey), R.L, and all other brands and models. All systems include all the needed accessories from wiring, external units, internal units, and automatic door opening units. The capacity (number of lines) starts from one apartment to more than 560 apartments in a single property. We also have special offers for contracting, real estate companies, and touristic villages.You can open huge metal gates of properties using the intercom with the ability to contact the security (guard) of the property. In some models you can make an internal call between any two units. Main and secondary panels have a different and distinctive look to match properties' fronts, and different tastes.

The internal speakers for apartments have different shapes and looks, with different numbers of buttons and colors. There are advanced speakers that add features and abilities to the intercom system, which you will never find except through the DCS-MISR co. personnel. You can merge the visual intercom systems with the audio intercom networks to increase the level of security by adding the ability to see the caller. The visual intercom has a reasonable price, and it works with high efficiency and you will not find it except by contacting our personnel and authorized distributors. The system is fully made in Italy, except for the monitors, they are made in Korea. We have the latest Italian visual intercom systems that provide the user with full security. They provide full privacy for calls away from all the other users in the system with competitive prices.


Why that DCS-MISR Co. is the number one company in providing, installing, and maintaining Italian intercom devices in the Arabic Republic of Egypt?

Because we assure the application of engineering standards and specifications when installing the systems, and complying with the highest European standard specifications. Also we always provide the highest quality, and the best for our customers. We have a special dept. for receiving your inquiries any time. We deal directly with authorized dealers (agents). We provide the longest warrantee period in Egypt "three years".

We have the best maintenance dept. for intercom and malfunctions in the whole country. We provide properties with intercom systems even if they were not prepared for that when built. And we support our systems with auto-hydraulic systems for closing doors.


Call now to talk to one of our personnel at the customer inquiries dept. to learn more about the latest offers and prices. For more information call 01116888273.