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With the fast growth of the telecom-related market in Egypt, one of our most important goals was to keep up with the technical evolution in the developed countries, especially the countries that produce and export such technologies. This was carried out by importing the best brands with the highest qualities, which are remarkable in this sector to guarantee having the best efficiency. And since we're dealing with security systems that affect the security of our clients directly, we were obliged to provide the best maintenance offers, serious warrantee services, and distinctive technical support.

The main Goal of our company was, and will still be, to find and implement electronic solutions, and advanced software for any problem or feature related to an already installed system, or yet to be installed, and to design and deploy all the systems that support all the qualities that enable providing distinctive solutions for the Egyptian market in particular, and for the Arab market in general.

One of our future goals is to manufacture and export all kinds of devices related to smart homes and Automation in Egypt. Which will include all the supplements, accessories, and preparations that will make the dream of smart houses closer to reality, and with low prices for the international market.

One of our current goals, which drew serious interest and gained the top rank in our priorities, considering the current events in Egypt after the 25th of January revolution, is the reach of modern communication technology, automatic business management systems, and the surveillance and security systems to all Egyptian citizens with prices affordable by everybody, far from the exaggerated prices of most of the modern communication companies in Egypt.