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Website contentDead Case Solutions (DCS-MISR) company website contains pictures and articles illustrating the abilities and the features of most of the products and systems that the company deals with. We kindly request the visitors of the website to respect the company's privacy by not copying or reusing the content of the website of articles, photos, videos, or applications. Else, violators will be facing legal accountability abiding to international terms and conditions of piracy prevention, and digital internet content rights protection.

Your personal Information(Dead Case Solutions) company, DCS-MISR, pledges complete discretion, and protection, by all means, of any data or information taken directly, or automatically from the user, and not to publish it on the internet in the form of a promotion or anything like that.

Services secrecy – we also pledge to our respected clients to provide the highest levels of security and privacy to all that relates to the surveillance and communication systems of all of our products, and to guarantee the protection of the secrecy and the privacy of our respected clients.

Contracts and warrantee commitment(Dead Case Solutions) company DCS-MISR is obliged to conserve and follow up all the maintenance contracts that are signed with any of sales representatives who are listed at the company , and insures to commit always to warrantee periods – if applicable- for all the products and systems that the company deals with. And in the case of Manufacturing defects or flaws, the company assures that it will replace the product after that it is checked by specialized engineers to make sure there was no misuse by the user. So we kindly request our respected clients to completely follow the operation instructions and guides that come with any product.

(Dead Case Solutions) DCS-MISR company – is a modern communication company based in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and all the logos, trademarks, and rights are reserved to the owners of the trade marks (Dead Case Solutions) DCS-MISR.